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Have you thought about buying a REAL JUKEBOX? Jukeboxes, both new and vintage, are more popular than ever! And not just for restaurants, diners, and bars. People everywhere are enjoying owning a real jukebox in their home for parties and their own entertainment.

With the advances in modern technology, today’s jukeboxes offer compact discs and other storage devices, digital music, and LCD computer and internal monitors for the music selection. There is a jukebox in every size, from tabletop to full size, and a jukebox for every budget.

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21st Century Jukeboxes

By Derek JJ

In today’s modern society jukeboxes are a very popular and much-loved piece as part of your entertainment room or living room at home, due to their rich history dating back to the early 1920s. Jukeboxes became popular due to the fact that they were featured on shows such as Happy Days. This actually helped to make them world-famous, and a lot families felt that they had to have one of these in their homes.

Early day jukeboxes were generally made from wood and were fairly mechanical in their operation. But as with most things, they quickly became a result of mass production. And together with that came some incredible designs and very unique jukeboxes. Consumers suddenly also had a huge selection of choices, seeing that the big electronics companies were contending to construct the best designs – more or less the same as in any other market today.

The jukebox designs started out as being uncomplicated without any decorations. But as they became more and more common, the need for them to become more attractive also became stronger. Soon all the restaurants, diners, fairs, parks and other public areas had to have a jukebox. Therefore the producers added all sorts of pretty extras to differentiate the jukeboxes, such as lights, chrome and so forth. It was not long before the wood was done away with, and metal and plastic became the norm for the jukebox. And so the jukebox evolved into what we now know it as.

Technology quickly started to move forward, and it was not long before the older single records were replaced by compact discs or other storage devices. And as you know, with these you can store a big amount of records in these jukeboxes. This marked the beginning of the modern jukebox. Jukeboxes returned to popular public areas. The designs became even more modern so that these designs could be representative of all the other modern-day advances that took place in the meantime.

The very recent jukebox systems on the market have been completely revamped in order to include digital music, and LCD computer and internal monitors for the music selection. It is clear that together with society, the jukebox has also advanced tremendously. It keeps on being reinvented as huge changes take place in the world we live in. And due to this, jukeboxes still remain very popular – even in today’s modern society.

The jukeboxes you get today can offer up to about 15 000 different tracks to choose from, meaning that it will not only cater for your needs, but also almost all the needs of your guests as well. It will provide a fantastic atmosphere – whether it is in your living room or in your restaurant. Everyone present will feel that they are part of the party or gathering. What more do you want?

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Create the Right Party Atmosphere With Great Music

By Ross Jensen

Music affects our emotions. It can run us through every emotion, especially our favourite songs. They can lift us up when everything else is trying to pull us down.

What a lot of people do not realize is that good music at a party can leave us with strong positive emotions or negative emotions.

In the past, we all went around putting our record or CD collection together with a Hi Fi system and speakers in the hope it would keep our guests entertained. And for some guests it would. Music collections are very subjective and rarely appeal to many of our friends.

What I have found recently with a couple of birthday parties is to have the music supplied. Not by a DJ but by a Jukebox.

What difference it made to the guests being able to choose their favourite songs. The feedback I got from my guests was incredible. Many of them danced and sang all night and had a ball.

Weeks later when I caught up with a few of those friends for dinner, the first thing they said was how great the party was and how much fun they had. One couple had the chance to listen to songs they loved but had not heard for years.

It brought back some great memories for them. And so many of those songs reminded them of certain times in their lives. For one friend Don McLean’s American Pie reminded him of Saturday afternoons driving back from swimming lessons because it was played at the same time every Saturday afternoon while he was in the car.

We found the range of songs available in a jukebox was beyond what we expected and it gave all of our guests music they could all enjoy.

That is the type of impact hiring a Jukebox had for our parties.

Great memories of our parties is exactly what we wanted our friends and guests to have and the music that was available helped to achieve that.

It is because of that we arranged the hire of a jukebox for our party. You can check out details about their jukeboxes at

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